Benefits of a career as a CHHA in New Jersey

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Affordable Training Program:

A nursing program at a NJ college can be expensive and take several years to complete. Whereas becoming an HHA is affordable and training can be completed quickly allowing you to get to work faster.

Caregivers are in High Demand:

The need for nursing care to help our New Jersey seniors is continuously on the rise as a large number of our population continues to age. Resulting in many opportunities to find employment as a home health aide.

Flexible Work Schedule:

Because of the growing demand for quality aides in NJ and the desire for people to age in their own homes, caregivers are being offered tremendous flexibility in scheduling. This allows caregivers to schedule work within their available hours.

Job Security:

Since there is so much demand for home health aides, those who make the effort to get certified have great job security.

Resume Builder:

Being an HHA is an excellent way to learn new skills and grow your resume. The skills you learn and use as an HHA are not only applicable to your job, they are transferable to other careers in the medical field as well as things you can take with you for the rest of your life!

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